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I love paper. Books printed on acid-free paper and bound in cloth turn me on. I'm crazy about bookmarks, and I buy too many stickers. I could spend hours in the build-your-own-greeting card section of my neighborhood craft store. My favorite thing to eat is bread, and my second favorite is fruit. (Mm, pineapple.) I read too much and too fast, and I watch too many food shows (two ways of looking at gluttony). Gloomy, rainy weather calms me and so I can't wait to move out of California, which will happen, sadly, too many years from now to count. I'm vegan, though I haven't managed to eliminate honey from my diet yet. I practice yoga; it's the only way I can keep fit. I have a better life than I ever imagined I would (or deserve to) have, but I do my best to enjoy it rather than feel guilty about it. That's my daily struggle -- and also to be thoughtful and observant and honest with myself.

Monday, April 17, 2006

No Words

I have had a quarrel with the written word. We're staying in separate rooms, sulking, trying hard not to look at one another when we pass each other in the hallway. So I'm keeping quiet for now. I've found this Pollock to look at, to pass the time and fill the absence of words. There's nothing and everything to see. This canvas is called "Number 8." I like this title. It's as quiet as I'm trying to be today.


Blogger * wallflower * said...

Today your blog is short, succinct, visual. And well done, BTW. The words haven't been cooperative with me for a very long time now (a few years), so I've packed up my fits and starts of story attempts. Maybe one day my muse will return or I'll get a new muse. Or maybe I'll believe I really do have ADD and then can get back on track. :) Hope the words flow when and where you want them to. ~cheers~

April 18, 2006  
Blogger Green Whale said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one having trouble with words. And the thing is, sometimes short is very, very good. Thanks for coming by again!

April 18, 2006  

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